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Hey, my name is Bárbara and I'm 16. I'm a brazilian Wolffie and this is a blog dedicated to Nat and Alex! I love them so much and I hope you guys enjoy my blog! ~xoxo


"What is it about Quentin that you connect with?" [x]


"Dog tour of Italy continues."

Can’t get sunburned otherwise @RobertsEmma and @natandalex look different during the scene. @ashbymovieofficial

On set of “Ashby Movie” - July 20, 2014.
(Vía @laurenahhx)

@natandalex and @emmaroberts catching some shade on the set of #ashbymovie #ashby #ashbythemovie @ashbymovieofficial


Nat Wolff laying down next to Emma Roberts on the set of Ashby 07/20/14

Football field hang @natandalex @Ashby_THE_MOVIE (Via @RobertsEmma)


Me: Hey don’t doubt yourself okay? Nat: No YOU don’t doubt yourself. I started tearing up after he said that. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have met someone that I look up to. Thank you, cast and crew of Ashby. You all made me feel welcomed and loved.
(Btw why he just filmed for 12 hours and he was exhausted poor dude).

FMTV Podcast - Interview with Nat Wolff