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Hey, my name is Bárbara and I'm 16. I'm a brazilian Wolffie and this is a blog dedicated to Nat and Alex! I love them so much and I hope you guys enjoy my blog! ~xoxo

[Why has Thomas been in such a bad mood lately anyway?] Why? Maybe because it’s annoying watching all these girls pawing at you, and saying they love you, and pulling your hair out, and just trying to kiss you, it’s annoying…I mean, for Thomas, probably.


the are perfect. I’m just sad that the hug was cut off


they are beautiful. I want this song.

@natandalex: “Early morning studio.

First day of shooting Boots.

Alex on the set of his new short film Boots (x)

@natandalex: “ET and me getting geared up for me to shoot my short “Boots” Friday! ***Alex***”